Employees are the heart and soul of a company. At Leader N U, we believe that every person has strengths which can be used to not only help the company grow, but can lead the individual to a more happy, fulfilled life as well. Through the Power Skills, employees are empowered to become the leaders that lie with them.

We also believe that development of Power Skills is no different than the development of any other skill. In order for skills to be built, we need to practice them, reflect on them, and practice some more. You can hear the most riveting lecture on how to shoot a basketball, but it doesn’t mean you can sink the ball. At best, you may be inspired and pick up some tips. However, it is not until you actually get out on the court and start shooting the ball, reflecting on what you did well and that on which you wish to work, do you actually start building the skill for yourself.

Power Skills work the same way. You can hear all the inspirational talks and words of advice on what to do or how to do it, but then you have to actually do it and reflect on what you did in order to get better at it. All of our content is built with this in mind. We know everyone has access to TED talks, YouTube videos, and other ways to be inspired. We want to give your employees the opportunity to practice these skills through engaging, interesting and fun activities. Activities vary in type, but basically combine some kind of task or series of questions with the challenge of working with others on the task or solution. For example, teams may be asked create something, or solve something, or complete something, etc. We may also add in additional concepts and challenges that activate real-world responses, in a gamified setting. This allows our facilitators to work with employees through their responses and achievements, guiding them to discover and build their own leadership voice.

Because our activities are built to be done in a synchronous format (whether online or in-person), each session or program is customized for your company. Your organization is unique and we believe the development of your employees should be too. Let us know how we can help your team grow.

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Our team is ready to help you and your leaders continue to learn about and develop your leadership skills, even through these trying times. To find out more about Leader N U and how we can help, please contact us at admin@leadernu.com.